The Clean & Safe Stamp was created in 2020 by Turismo de Portugal aiming to recognize companies and leisure activities compliant with health safety recommendations issued by the National Tourist Authority, according to National Health Authority guidelines to avoid risks of contagion of covid-19.

In 2021, Turismo de Portugal established a partnership with Nova Medical School, to adapt the requirements of the Clean & Safe stamp to the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health, according to the evolution of the pandemic situation and the technical and scientific knowledge acquired regarding Covid-19.

The 2022 version of Clean & Safe Stamp maintains the focus on the health component, continuing to promote the hygiene and sanitation performance of companies with requirements adapted to the current Covid-19 pandemic phase, but extends the scope of this Stamp to other possible public health crises and to a cross-cutting safety dimension for tourists, associated with possible vulnerabilities and risks inherent to the various experiences they develop in the national territory. In this context, Turismo de Portugal has established several specialized technical partnerships, namely with NOVA Medical School, NEST - Centre for Tourism Innovation, AGIF - Rural Fire Management Agency and the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority.


The Clean & Safe Stamp is intended to act as a support tool for companies in crisis management, enabling them to implement Action Plans through free training and provision of draft of these plans in the following areas:

  • Public health - pandemics (COVID-19 and others), heat waves
  • Extreme phenomena and collective risks - rural fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods
  • International constraints - cyberscurity and refugees

Establishments and activities covered – Responsible Entity/Partner

  • Tourist accommodation – Turismo de Portugal
  • Tourist Activities Providers – Turismo de Portugal
  • Travel Agencies – Turismo de Portugal
  • Casinos – Turismo de Portugal
  • Bingos – Turismo de Portugal
  • School Hotels – Turismo de Portugal
  • Airports and Handling companies– Turismo de Portugal
  • Geoparks – Turismo de Portugal
  • Local Accommodation Providers – Agency for Administrative Modernization
  • Restaurants – General Directorate of Economic Activities
  • Performance Venues – General Inspection of Cultural Activities
  • Convention centres - General Directorate of Economic Activities
  • Events and convention companies – General Directorate of Economic Activities
  • Museums, Palaces, Monuments and Archaeological Sites – Ministry of Culture
  • Tourist offices – Regional Tourism Entities
  • Municipal cultural facilities – Regional Tourism Entities
  • Municipal libraries – Regional Tourism Entities
  • Car and Motorhome rental companies – Driverless Industrial Rental Association
  • Thermal Spas – Termas de Portugal Association
  • Golf courses – National Golf Industry Council
  • Motorhome Parking – Portugal Camping and Mountain Federation
  • Ciência Viva Centres– National Network of Ciência Viva Centres
  • Tourism Buses – Road Association of Heavy Passenger Transporters
  • Cruise Terminals – Port Authorities

Application process

The Clean & Safe stamp is free and voluntary.

After submitting a declaration of commitment to comply with all requirements, the applicant will receive a communication confirming their registration, the official stamp and the QRCode, which can be used in their communications and advertising.


The Stamp is valid until 14 June 2024.

If the holders fail to comply with any requirement, they must immediately communicate it and they will no longer be able to use the Clean & Safe Stamp.


Turismo de Portugal promotes specific training sessions for applicants to implement the requirements of Clean & Safe Stamp. You can access provided Clean & Safe training sessions here


Turismo de Portugal and project partners carry out random inspections and also following complaints of non-compliance or negative assessment of the Clean & Safe performance by Clean & Safe members, to verify compliance with the requirements associated to this Stamp.

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