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What to do if you think you have COVID?

In case you think you’ve been infected with COVID-19 remain in your residence and call our National Health System (SNS24).

808 24 24 24

(available 24/7)

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the ongoing Vaccination Plan, it is very important to continue to comply with the 5 preventive measures:

  • Social distance: keep a distance of at least 2 meters

  • Mandatory use of a mask, according to the Directorate-General for Health guidelines

  • Personal hygiene, including hand washing and respiratory etiquette

  • Environmental hygiene, such as cleaning and disinfection

  • Keep an eye out for any symptoms of the disease:if you experience cough, fever, loss of smell or taste or have difficulty breathing, you should isolate yourself from other people and call 808 24 24 24

The use of a mask is an additional protection measure to the social distance, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Its use is mandatory:

  • in closed indoor spaces with several people such as:

    • commercial and services establishments

    • public services and buildings

    • educational establishments and daycare centers

  • on public transport

  • in public spaces and roads whenever the physical distance recommended by health authorities cannot be guaranteed. This rule applies to people aged 10 and over.

No. The mask is the device that allows to cover the mouth and nose (barrier method) protecting the droplets that are expelled through sneezing, coughing or speaking. The visor can be used, but always as a complement to the mask.
In all places open to the public, the advertised rules of capacity, permanence and physical distance must be observed.
The opening of establishments / companies / services is defined by the Government according to the evolution of the pandemic situation
Yes. You should consult in advance the “info praia” App to check the occupation of each beach.
  • Green: low occupancy

  • Yellow: high occupancy

  • Red: full occupancy

Yes, the use of these spaces has been planned, so all the important measures are implemented. You may check Clean & Safe stamp holders on this platform.
Turismo de Portugal and industry associations verify compliance with the requirements by Clean & Safe stamp holders through random audits or following a complaint or negative assessment of their Clean & Safe performance. In 2020, Turismo de Portugal removed 107 Clean & Safe stamps for non-compliance of requirements. 1000 audits were carried out until february 2021.
Safe Travels Seal

The 1st country in europe to get the “Safe Travels” badge recognizing our commitment with providing safety to all.

Companies recognized with the Clean & Safe stamp are also recognized as SAFE TRAVELS Companies